Need to bring back the excitement between you and your boo?

Are you tired of going through the motions

as Mr. and Mrs. Married?

Well, show him some love!

See, Hubby and I have been loving this season we’re in. I’m LB, The Wife Coach®, and I love the relationship that hubby and I have been creating together.

  • Smiling when we see each other
  • Enjoying being around each other
  • Acting like boyfriend and girlfriend again
  • Having some good ol' sex

(You know I keep it real).

But I have a confession. I had to do better when it came to loving on my boo, my bae, my baby daddy! Between grieving the passing of my mother, becoming a preschool teacher in the pandemic, and barely having any time for myself, hubby wasn’t getting no love, you hear me?


So many people use your name in vain! Those aren’t my words but where’s the lie?

Love is what you do, and I hadn’t been the most loving wife! And I had to change that if I wanted things between hubby and I to change for the better.

And things can change for you too when you take only 7 days to make him feel loved. It's a challenge.

Want in?

Here’s how it works:

You'll have one task to do every day for seven days. It’s that simple. And here’s my challenge. Even if you don’t “feel” like doing it, do it anyway! It’s not a challenge if it doesn’t change you.

So, I need to know you’re fully committed for seven days.

Take a picture/video of your welcome message (when you get it) and tag me @TheWifeCoach with the words “I’m committed.”

Here’s what other ladies had to say about the challenge:

Join these ladies and show your man how much you appreciate him.

What's Inside...


Day 1 - Set the Tone


Day 2 - About Face


Day 3 - Just Because


Day 4 - Shift Gears


Day 5 - Text Check


Day 6 - Lock In


Day 7 - Initiate

By the time you complete this challenge, you'll see exactly how much FUN you've been missing in your marriage.

Accept the challenge now and get started!

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