The 7 Mrs. Who Can Ruin Any Marriage

... one almost ruined mine!


What You Will Discover...

How to talk to your man without losing your voice.

It’s your assignment. Why wanting a better marriage is not good enough.

Creating a safe space. The secret to get him to open up.

Case studies of successful clients who transformed from married women to happy, irresistible wives.

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LB - The Wife Coach®

I'm LB, The Wife Coach and I love celebrating the relationship I've created with my hubby for over a decade. And although I'm married, I haven't always been a wife. I had no idea that you can choose who to show up as in your marriage and that's the big difference between being a happy wife or a miserable one.

The marriage Derek and I have is built on real love, real connection, real communication, and real history. And the best part is that we really like each other. It was like we had the perfect marriage, but that’s a lie. There is no perfect marriage. But we are two imperfect people who are perfect for each other. And ladies wanted to know the secret on how I got my hubby to open up to talk to me, show affection, and honor and love me so deeply, and create a fun girlfriend-boyfriend type marriage.

So I created the only intensive that's changing married women into happy irresistible wives. And I've been making marriages happy, one wife at a time ever since.

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